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Piuttosto che concentrarmi su un particolare problema riguardo il trattamento automatico del linguaggio naturale, ho tentato di trarre vantaggio dalla grande mole di risultati in Linguistica Computazionale, cercando di mescolare ed integrare tecniche e idee diverse. Be the first. Nonetheless, our main approach has been propositionally-based. et corr.) In this framework, individuals are defined as complex systems of information processing that are restricted by the cognitive resources they can allocate to processing and by their limited storage capacities. Objective procedures were developed to classify the style of the reconstructed responses and the results showed that a large proportion of the total responses consisted of the predicted types of reconstructive errors. The results of the pilot study indicate the existence of polyvalent discourse processes, but they also point to the necessity of further research to look for the influence of different literary texts on cognition. A computer program, OBJECT_IMAGE, is used to measure the reaction times and error rates of subjects on different attributes such as inheritance, message passing, and changing dynamics. Télécharger en PDF . The implications of such a theory of sentence recognition are worked out for two experimental situations. partir de textes : influence de l'âge et des connaissances antérieures Finally, experiments and comparisons have been presented to show the better performance of TRMBK. An advantage of this conceptualization is that it enables one to generate empirically testable hypotheses about literary reading; we suggest a number of such hypotheses and methods of testing them. 3 S’il ne sent point du Ciel l’influence secrète, 4 Si son astre en naissant ne l’a formé poète, 5 Dans son génie étroit il est toujours captif ; BREMOND, C., (1973), Logique du récit, Paris : Seuil. La mise en scène du texte favorise les stratégies (méta) cognitives de l’interprétation du texte. The study of the comprehension of a poetic text allows a confrontation between the different models which have been given by the specialists. the construction of a spatial mental model (Johnson-Laird 1983) derived from a narrative text. Human All rights reserved. mental models. construction-integration model. New goals are outlined for research concerning the influence of affect on text comprehension. Using gist criteria, free and probed recall of these five categories was nearly equal, failing to replicate the previous findings. In Experiment 2 we recorded ERPs on a critical word across a sentence boundary. Formal operations and the issue of generalizability: The analysis of poetry by college students. Texte e"tabli et traduit par J. HARDY. ARISTOTE Librairie Garnier Frères, collection "Chefs d'oeuvres de la littérature grecque", 1922. Texte e"tabli et traduit par J. HARDY. We argue that each type is asociated with a number of cognitive strategies, with point-driven reading, specifically, characterized by coherence, narrative surface, and transactional strategies. paper, on the basis of human cognitive process, we propose a multi-level text representation model within background knowledge, called TRMBK. Interpretation of results is consistent with the idea that high levels of affect induce deeper processing of information with which it is associated. Stylistique et poétique françaises. Projet : construction personnelle et construction du groupe­classe par l'écriture de poèmes. Active readers in literary comprehension : An interdisciplinary framework. ;�fv��+�kybG��� ������G�����?�Q��?����V����������Q���]������yd��G��=����x`����b-���?z�냻>����}?8����v���z��W����j{x|���ܿߎ�4����i�m��is�.�vX� |���e�����w��ѷ���F_����> F�ӌv�7��_�=�}��`��؇���v���� ~�m��ܾV��~mnϤ�[��q ���������lpJ�`=�s��Z�å��\�2�5�>�Nl��=�ks����>T��. {��ƪZ��^��opi0�����gV��.����P�_����a���7eO�U^'������f�yr#˜�Ge���L�!�/C����20��f�xs�߆.�n�=� �F�����Ar��^u��&f�� �хf�_�C�d-�םŻԕ��ԙU�TQ�b�{[��B��*Ӕ�WY3�'fń��k9��Ua��X#�j���r�`�8)�X��ˑ,f+[e���p �.�*4�z�@v�۫zX����_5�Qu��]��Qȇm�&�q�Q}aC�Iq�>��7�;0�1)��0��\vL���5�Kb6�����"��Z��|+�ۚ� 5ݿ��a)�U�{s�� Les strophes non-spatial texts. Please, Tell me what you The results provide empirical evidence for the theoretical claim that the reading experience is a function of - amongst other things - the text's linguistic structure. interference effect of spatial and verbal concurrent tasks on recall of spatial text, and a verbal interference effect on It is further observed that the task of rating sentences for their intensity of affect is independent of the task of choosing the sentences which make up the best summary of the text. ; Also known as the Sæmundar Edda, or the Elder Edda, is a collection of Old Norse poems primarily preserved in the Icelandic mediaeval manuscript Codex Regius.Along with Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda is the most important extant source on Norse mythology and Germanic heroic legends. Le plus souvent, la poésie est en vers et rimée. Glossa, 8, are catalogue entries in an electronic components catalogue, descriptions of flora in a handbook of wild flowers and descriptions of drugs in a formulary. La suite des idées- y est souvent peu claire, la phrase est chargée d'incidentes qui semblent rompre- le développement logique, quelquefois même la construction grammaticale paraît impossible à établir. Cette origine cree un universe oui "les images ne sont pas liees par leur difference, comme dans un autre systeme" mais oui "elles se suivent par leur resemblance, par leur participation a un centre imaginaire commun. Narratives were presented either with an illustration that mirrored the situation described in the goal, or without an illustration. The Poetic Edda, tr. En quoi ce recours peut-il nous permettre de considérer l’ensemble du système d’activité, incluant acteurs et artefacts, en vue de mieux les concevoir (Kaptelinin, 2003) ? Le langage poétique est donc l'univers du symbole et de la référence (Riffaterre, 1983:11). Results show that an idea's significance in terms of a given perspective determined whether the idea would be learned and, independently, whether it could be recalled 1 wk later. In E. De Corte, J.L. Menu. Dans la poésie en prose, travailler plus particulièrement le rythme et les sonorités. MOLINO, J., SOUBIN, F., & TAMINE, J., (1979), Problèmes de la We selected © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Il problema della robustezza nell'ambito dei sistemi per la gestione del dialogo è affrontato allo stesso tempo dal punto di vista computazionale e cognitivo. D - Une dimension … Recent research in Cognitive Science points out the necessity of explicitness in object constitution for research on aesthetic and non-aesthetic processes of text comprehension. littérature -- poétique -- texte. The existence of these restrictions places constraints on models of human processing, which necessarily include: (1) structures, or representations of information, including a fine-grained description of Cette recherche sur le traitement cognitif du texte a pour but d’étudier l’effet de la «théâtralisation» d’un texte sur l’interprétation du texte. Poétique d'Aristote (Nouv. Psychologie Française 1990-V1 Le texte poétique Définitions Les rimes Les vers Un _____ = une ligne dans un poème. It was suggested that a culture‐specific schema aids both in comprehending and reconstructing stories. Item Preview ... Aristote. Texte e"tabli et traduit par J. HARDY. defend la these selon laquelle l'hermeneutique post-moderne de G. Vattimo offre une nouvelle interpretation de l'histoire fondee sur la textualite de la litterature moderne et sur les experiences narratives et poetiques de la modernite, dont l'histoire passe par Descartes, Arendt et Heidegger. aspects related to representation of a mental model of the speaker). In recent years, a number of Le texte poétique à l’école. 532-551. Paris, Société d'édition d'enseignement supérieur, 1970 (OCoLC)582727750: Material Type: Internet resource: Document Type: Book, Internet Resource : All Authors / Contributors: Frédéric Deloffre. still growing number of electronically available texts requires the investigation of appropriate methods and tools to analyze large scale collections of texts effectively and efficiently. Given its complexity, it is apparent that the problem can be solved only partially. Poétique. Hrsg. It is composed of three levels, which are machine surface code (MSC), machine text base (MTB) and machine situational model (MSM). Virginie Lambadaris, CPC Bruay-la-Buissière. Sur la scène de la cité mondialisée, à l'ère de la lecture et de l'apprentissage numérique en contexte plurilingue, le théâtre peut constituer un atout précieux pour entraîner les élèves dans les activités de traitement sémantique et les aider à comprendre et à interpréter, à se comprendre et à mieux comprendre le monde L'étude du texte littéraire, et en particulier du texte poétique, devrait permettre de comprendre le dépassement de la traversée référentielle des signes et de franchir l'obstacle de la lecture mimétique (voir Adam, 1983; ... Les recherches des psychologues sur la compréhension de texte, principalement consacrées à l'étude des situations de récit : compréhension, mémorisation (voir Denhière, 1984, Legros, Baudet, Denhière, 1994 Fayol, 1985) ont pu se développer grâce aux travaux des poéticiens (Propp, 1965 ; Barthes, 1966 ; Brémond, 1973; Greimas, 1976, Eco, 1979 Genette, 1983 ; Todorov, 1978, voir Legros, 1988, A functionalist approach to the acquisition of Grammar Retrieval of information and retrieval from memory. Premier pas poétique : la lecture Un préalable indispensable est de faire rencontrer les textes poétiques aux enfants : lire et dire. Tatillon Claude , Sonorités et texte poétique, collection « Studia Phonetica », Montréal, Didier, 1976, 144 p. La conduite de récit en fonction des milieux sociaux d'appartenance: Implications pour la construction de systèmes de communication améliorés. Il est donc primordial de montrer la source de plaisir que génère la poésie en permettant aux élèves de vivre poésie et de passer ensuite à l’a tion de création. / trad. PDF | Résumé L'étude du texte poétique et de sa compréhension permet une confrontation des différents types d'approche qui ont été proposés. Rather, DSA (Description Structure Analyser) dynamically 'learns' the structure of descriptions by interacting with the user, who tells DSA what each part of a typical description means. Narration. READ. He has examined the notion of the symbol and redefined the fundamental concepts of semiotics, a field which he says derives from "symbolics", he says.. Todorov's two major works on semiotics are Theories of the Symbol (1982) [1977] and Symbolism and … LE TEXTE PoéTiquE LES TEXTES qui uTiLiSEnT LE LangagE PoéTiquE ou mETTEnT En éviDEncE LE choiX DE moTS, D’imagES ET DE SonoriTéS. Les caractéristiques du texte poétique Cours. The present study examined this possibility by controlling for the semantic content of settings, initiating events, internal responses, consequences, and reactions across versions of the same story. interdisciplinary framework. Experiment I shows that readers write better summaries of stories for which they have an appropriate schema than for stories for which they lack a schema, and that this effect is related to the overall organization of the story and does not lie at the level of single sentences. Quel trou dans la blanquette! The EIS algorithm involves syntactic analysis of sentences, clustering and indexing sentences with the five indices from the event-indexing model, and extracting the most prominent content by lexical analysis at phrase and clause levels. During a second session, a pair of G1 group (« dramatization » Group) performs a staged text. Word predictability had no additional effect on the N400. ARISTOTE POETIQUE PDF - Aristote, Poetique. Trois enonces descriptifs etaient associes a chacun des dix enonces narratifs (repartis en deux niveaux d'importance) de deux recits : deux descriptions d'etat, l'une contribuant a la cohesion du recit, l'autre n'ayant qu'une fonction « decorative », et une description d'action d'importance secondaire. 2002) and spatial texts (De Beni et al. BAUDET, S., & DENHIERE, G. (1988) La conduite de récit en fonction The construction of Poetic meaning. Définir les enjeux du texte poétique. These representational formalisms allow us better to capture reasoning and understanding in dynamic systems. Then the main problem of literary social action in children is dealt with outlining the concept of cognitive developmental psychology (viz. Pp. between schemata and interpretive context. Psychological approaches to the study of literary narratives. Projet : construction personnelle et construction du groupe­classe par l'écriture de poèmes. C’est en vain qu’au Parnasse un téméraire auteur Pense de l’art des vers atteindre la hauteur. studies have investigated the cognitive processes, such as temporary memory functions, involved in the processing of spatial Save as PDF; Save; Cite; Email; Your opinion; Show Summary Details. Subjects who are assigned to either of the two models of external representation (propositional networks, PNs, and object-oriented, OO) are provided domain-based information. tasks. This outline was organized either consistently or inconsistently with the structure of the text. Results and conclusions Analysis of variance showed that in the high MRT group, spatial text recall was not impaired by either spatial or verbal concurrent Here, we introduce an intelligent algorithm, the event indexing and summarization (EIS) algorithm, for automatic document summarization, which is based on taking into account a cognitive psychological model, the event-indexing model, and the roles and. / trad. The MRT and a reading-comprehension task were undertaken by 123 undergraduates. (1987). The story-grammar category of events also contributed unique variance but overlapped substantially with the causal factors. Constituer l’anthologie poétique de la classe (recueil témoignant du vécu poétique de la classe : poèmes d’auteurs et d’enfants) Lecture The fact that subjects transformed the syntactic form and relative location of certain categorial information during recall suggests use of story schema operations at retrieval. Toutes ces études ont été écrites depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale. sur l'utilisation des ressources cognitives et la récupération de reading process, rather than on building a coherent mental model of text content. These results are interpreted to mean that alternative high-level schemata can provide frameworks for assimilating a text, perhaps by providing "slots" for different types of information. Faculty of Arts: Institution: Department of Languages and Literatures ; Institutionen för språk och litteraturer: Date of Defence: 2011-05-14 : Disputation: … Essai de sémantique interprétative, How to do thoughts with words II: Degrees of explicitness in think-aloud during the comprehension of literary and expository texts with different types of readers. Hamburg: Buske. In Experiment 1, students studied an outline providing relevant background knowledge before reading an experimental text. Constituer l’anthologie poétique de la classe (recueil témoignant du vécu poétique de la classe : poèmes d’auteurs et d’enfants) Lecture Une _____ = la répétition d'un ou plusieurs sons à la fin de deux vers. Révisez en Seconde : Cours Les caractéristiques du texte poétique avec Kartable ️ Programmes officiels de l'Éducation nationale

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